Fridays Creek Winery

On the fertile farmlands of Southern Maryland, Fridays Creek Winery is following in the rich agricultural history of Calvert County. A stately old barn where tobacco once hung now houses barrels of oak. Fertile fields now produce premium wine grapes. Come by and see us!

Currently on our Sample menu:


White Wines

Vintage MD Wine from our vineyard. Balanced sweetness with an aromatic and floral nose. Tasting of apricot and spicy fruit with honey overtones. Calvert Co appellation 2017 vintage

Vidal Blanc
Vintage, varietal wine from our flagship vineyard. Crisp, light fruitiness and honeysuckle will pair with a bit of spice.
Calvert County appellation 2017 vintage

Red Wines

Bon Temps Rougir
Light and refreshing blended Brut Rose' from the Fridays Creek flagship vineyard. Quickly sweep off the red grape skins to allow only a bit of color, cherry, cranberry and plum flavors into the finished wine.

Barbera Limited
From the classic Italian grape.. Lively, firm body tinged with vanilla cream and dark cherry. Pleasantly spiced and smoked tannin finish

Friday Afternoon
Maryland Red Wine from hand picked grapes grown in our vineyard. Fruity, sweet and bright aromas, balanced with hints of cocoa and orange. Light tannin, clean finish.


Used wine barrels for sale. Standard size approx 62 gallons, do not leak. 37" tall 27" diameter.  American white oak. Available now for pick up at Fridays Creek Winery $175 each or 2 for $300. 12 available as of Oct 12.


Friday Afternoon 2019 release

After being sold out for a time the new release of our Friday Afternoon red wine is back and available on the shelves at the winery. 

Because Friday Afternoon is a Maryland Red Wine, hand picked and blended from grapes grown in our Southern Maryland vineyard, we have limited amounts and do sometimes run out. (grumble... grumble .. weather ... grumble... stupid weather ... grumble).

Our tasting notes are fruity, sweet and bright aromas, balanced sweetness in the mid palate with hints of cocoa and orange, medium body, soft tannins and a clean finish.

See, I can do the descriptor thing, but really let me get personal, just us.  Friday Afternoon is my go-to for any Mexican style spiced beef dish: taco, enchilada, frajitas, carne asada. So go figure you can sangria it also. And yes, regarding Friday Afternoon, sangria is an amazingly, acceptable verb.

Come over to the Winery tasting room for samples of our wines and pick up a few bottles of Friday Afternoon 


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